When the design and the space require to hide the monitor to have a more relaxing atmosphere


domus, domotica, domoarigato

When we chose to use 'domoarigato' as the brand to identify our technology solutions for the living space, We though not only to the term 'domus' but also to the kindness and the lightness of the Japanese culture. Domoarigato, in fact, means 'many thanks' in the language of the Rising Sun and evokes, at least on our travel memories, Elegance and Courtesy. 


Our technology solutions want to be light, discrete, non-invasive or predominant on the domestic space or the boat or business spaces.

The integration of multi brands devices and the ability to disguise what might interrupt the harmony of the interior design  are our philosophy: as it happens in a Japanese origami, we aim to achieve even the most complex systems without cuts and structural interventions.

Our core business is represented by audio-video solutions and lighting control.

In every projects we are asked to integrate and control many other domotic systems such as the CCTV, the air conditioning,... in order to have a only one remote controller (tablet, smart phone or other customized interfaces). 

We are partner or dealer of the main International a/v and lighting manufacturers which help our expertise grow thanks to many training courses and certification programmes.

We aim to the modular and expandable design of our systems with the main use of standard technologies (ie non proprietary systems).

Our ten years know how in the design installation and assistance of luxury yachting entertainment systems make our team flexible reliable and fast.

We hope to be enough open minded to inspire our customers and to follow all their needs and expetations.

smart touch...

internet, game consoles, music, movies, satellite TV, photos and many other customizable content are managed and programmed by a single tablet, smart phone or remote control

integration is the Key word 

you don't need instruction manual

a smart and easy technology allows you to > Play your space 


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